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Joint efforts for stronger tourism promotion of Demir Kapija

In the heart of North Macedonia, Demir Kapija has it all – from rock climbing, kayaking, gastronomy, and excellent local wine, to conditions for paragliding and hiking. To improve the promotion of Demir Kapija as a tourist destination, IME supports an alliance of local stakeholders who have come together for a coordinated promotion. The local stakeholders are local businesses – Popova Kula winery, Sports Club Klisura, Kayak Club Demir Kapija, Rocks for everyone (Karpi za sekoj), Restaurant Lovec, Belov rest area, as well as the Museum of Wine – Demir Kapija and the Municipality of Demir Kapija.

In the following months, these local partners will collaborate to design a tourism logo for Demir Kapija, develop and place signage infrastructure with info boards, prepare and distribute tourist maps, and improve the local attractions. The logo and other promotional materials will be used by all partners involved in this activity, while the new tourism signage will attract more local and foreign tourists to this appealing destination.

Right on the main highway, Demir Kapija holds a huge potential in tourism, so a more coordinated promotional approach will bring an added value to the local economy on municipal, business, and individual levels. This activity is in synergy with other efforts for tourism offer enrichment that the Municipality of Demir Kapija is implementing also with the support by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development – SDC, and in coordination with the Ministry of Local Self-Government.