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The future is bot? Innovative services that drive growth of tech companies

One of the innovative tech companies that IME supports is MAGIX.AI. After identifying a gap in the automated customer care in the banking sector, MAGIX.AI started developing an advanced chatbot, by using artificial intelligence. IME co-funded this process through the Opportunity Fund instrument.

Banking chatbots (bots, in short) are getting more popular as they can offer 24/7 automated, yet individualized service to customers who have queries for banking services. At the same time, they are offloading the work of agents and clerks, so these can attend to other tasks that a chatbot cannot handle. The ultimate result? Increased performance and customer satisfaction.

MAGIX.AI bot will understand language, not just simple commands, and can continuously learn and self-advance by communicating with developers and users. Also, it can efficiently transform its user interface and communication channel in different languages, which makes it innovative and in demand.

As MAGIX.AI’s team has shared, the current situation with the Corona pandemic has only confirmed the need for a faster and more reliable automation in the banking sector. It has urged the team to speed up and finalize the product sooner than initially planned and place the product with several banks in Canada (covering French and English language) and banks in the Balkan region (covering several Slavic languages). The product’s demo version is shown in the screenshots above.

This product, however, will not only improve banking services. It will also lead to MAGIX.AI growth, and growth of the entire chain of software companies and experts they collaborate with. So far, two new members have joined the team to work on the chatbot development. With the expected sales and expansion to new markets, MAGIX.AI will be few steps closer to growing their offer of services and products, their revenues and their brand.

In addition to this product, MAGIX.AI have already launched a  service that is collecting, integrating and analyzing the transactions on the Macedonian Stock Exchange and is freely available at