Women & Youth

Women and youth – the driving force of economic growth in North Macedonia

We are committed to creating top quality jobs and economic opportunities for women and youth in North Macedonia.

IME’s overall goal is to create 2706 new jobs os which we expect that 45 percent of the new jobs will be filled by women, and sixty percent by youth, aged 19-29. We are improving opportunities for highly-skilled women and youth and fulfilling the deficit of labour in all three sectors. To this end, we aim to:

  • Organize matchmaking events and job fairs to boost access to employment opportunities;
  • Support companies towards being recognised as excellent employers to attract and retain highly-qualified professionals;
  • Introduce improved gender and age diversity policies for recruitment;
  • Work with business associations to advocate for policy reform to ease participation in the workforce;
  • Encourage youth and women entrepreneurship through our Opportunity Fund;
  • Expand possibilities for women and youth to access employment markets.

For more information please contact our Gender & Youth Inclusion Lead – Suada Statovci at suada.statovci@thepalladiumgroup.com