Our Program

IME addresses market deficiencies by transforming sector ecosystems through a holistic approach. IME works with market actors to realign incentives and behaviors, improving the quality and delivery of business support services, access to finance and investment, and creating an environment which enables companies to provide inclusive employment opportunities at scale. These actions will bring transformative, sustainable change to North Macedonia’s adventure tourism, ICT and sustainable agribusiness sectors, so they can grow and become  dynamic wealth- and employment-creating sectors.

Expected results

The  Increasing Market Employability Programme will aim to create 2,706 new and higher quality jobs through private sector development in the selected high-growth sectors. This will contribute for more unemployed or underemployed labour force in North Macedonia, in particular youth and women, to get sustainable, decent employment or self-employment, and to earn higher incomes. More specific outcomes that we will aim to achieve are:

Outcome 1: Companies in the selected sectors grow by improving products and services and expanding markets.

Outcome 2: Improved services and improved policy and regulatory framework are conducive to companies’ growth in the selected sectors.

Outcome 3: Companies provide more attractive and inclusive working conditions for employees, particularly youth and women.

Who we work with

  • With promising “anchor” companies that have the potential to drive employment, and test innovative approaches to growth to overcome market constraints.
  • With business service organizations (BSOs) and business development service providers (BDSPs) to improve the quality and delivery of business support services, access to finance and investment, and the enabling environment.
  • With other development projects in North Macedonia and the region to ensure that interventions produce the best possible outcomes and reach the widest network of stakeholders.