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“Fresh air, ADVENTURE & Fun!” – IME supported campaign for Ski Centre Mavrovo

For the 2020 winter season, IME supported Ski Centre Mavrovo in a promotion campaign emphasizing the clean air and opportunities for adventure sports that the centre has to offer. The goal of the “Fresh air, ADVENTURE & Fun!” campaign is to increase daily arrivals to Mavrovo by domestic tourists, but also to attract more foreign tourists from the region and beyond. As part of the campaign, Ski Centre Mavrovo also announced a multi-city transport service to ease the travel for interested visitors from Skopje during the ski season.

For this partnership with IME, Ski Centre Mavrovo was the leading counterpart of a wider group that encompassed local businesses that operate in the destination: six hotels (Bistra, Sport Lodge, Alpina, Srna and Radika), two villas (Vila Jana and Vertical House Leunovo), five restaurants (Trifkova Koliba, Staro Bacilo, Galichko Bacilo, Ratrak, Ski Skola and Mavrovski Merak), two ski shops and a transport company (Kinissi).

Ski Center Mavrovo is a 50-year-old ski center and it is focused on developing adventure sports for summer and winter season. The ski area offers 25 kilometers of perfectly maintained ski runs which are varied and ideal for recreational and professional skiers as well as beginners.