Success Story

Canyoning is currently one of the most attractive adrenaline sports in nature. Usually, adventure seekers go to neighboring countries to savor such experiences. “Mountain Solution” saw a clear market demand and developed a new product “canyoning” (river hiking), enriching the adventure tourism offer in the country and expanding the product offer.

“Mountain Solution” was established in 2014 as an adventure tourism service provider by Petar Nolev. Nolev used the previous experience gained within the sphere of active tourism to create this brand-new domestic tourism product for the first time in the picturesque location Mariovo, North Macedonia.

The canyoning tour starts near the Zovic Bridge in Mariovo, which is about an hour and a half drive from Bitola. A group of about fifteen people is formed, all possessing a significant amount of courage, a desire for adventure, a need for adrenaline, basic swimming skills, and cold river water tolerance. Everyone gets specially designed equipment for maximum security. For many, climbing steep cliffs is a true challenge.

“Canyoning would be more like going down a river, down a stream, jumping off a cliff, sliding on smooth rocks – everything that an adrenaline-fueled tour can provide. At the same time, the procedure is entirely safe for practitioners.” – says Petar Nolev.

As with all adventure sports, canyoning requires establishing high levels of security. The Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia saw the systemic potential of the activity and through its Increasing Market Employability Program – IME supported the improvement of the safety standards of the product, by assisting the provision of waterproof wet suits for canyoning and supporting the promotional activities to increase sales and promotion.

“We provide everything for a person to feel safe and come to the canyon – a suit, seat belts, ropes, helmets. All our guests need is an adventurous spirit to ‘taste’ this unique product.” – adds Nolev.

A unique experience for both domestic and foreign tourists

Canyoning was offered for the first time during the summer season of 2020. So far, it has led to several seasonal employments in the sector. The product development helps “Mountain Solution” create a more attractive portfolio and encourage more adventure tourists from Greece, France, and the Netherlands, through its network business partners.

Foreign tourists often come and are offered a one-day tour during their stay in the country.

“We are thinking of investing in diverse, new canyoning-like stories, but at this current stage, we are working on consolidating the existing ideas, i.e., offering three or four different adventure stories, thus inspiring visitors, and tourists to spend at least one more day in this part of N. Macedonia.” – says Petar Nolev.

Additionally, by creating a more attractive and extended offer in Mariovo as a destination, “Mountain Solution” activity has led to at least a 15% of sales increase in the value chain, particularly in accommodation and traditional food providers. Besides strengthening private businesses and improving capacities, they also practice a sustainable usage of natural resources that do not harm the environment.

As an adventure tourism service provider, “Mountain Solution” also provides mountain guiding and rescue services, hiking tours, WW1 memorial hiking tours, jeep safari adventures and outdoor team-building activities.

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