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On the road to a vibrant and sustainable tech sector – IME support for ICT companies

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in North Macedonia follows the global trends of acceleration, innovation & increasing employment opportunities for high-skilled profiles. Although most of the companies in the sector focus on outsourcing software services, there is a growing trend of companies that are developing and selling their own products. Despite the potential for growth and eco-system support, most tech SMEs still face constraints to secure capital for product development or market expansion.

IME supports ICT companies with the potential to expand and add value in the sector. Through our co-funding instruments, we provide them the push they need to overcome their obstacles and accelerate growth.

IME supports companies:

  • To access additional funds to develop new software products and services;
  • To access new markets and links with potential clients to offer their products and services;
  • Obtain company level certificates that are demanded at the market, thus become more competitive.

The ultimate result of the new products placed with new clients and markets is increased income, sales and jobs in the tech sector.

IME has already partnered up with several tech SMEs. Most products IME supports are based on state-of-the-art articifal intelligence technology and responds to increasing market demand. This technology is used behind the scenes to impact our everyday lives, support business decisions and optimize operations for global companies. The visual similarity recommendation tool for fashion retail by and the AI banking chatbot by MAGIX.AI (for both tools please see photos above) are some of the innovative products and companies that IME supports. IME also helps these companies to access new markets and clients.