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P4P tool can help businesses that apply for access to funding  

Access to financial injection is very often needed for businesses to expand current operations, launch new products, or access new markets. For this aim, businesses often apply for access to finance from financial or nonfinancial institutions such as commercial bank loans or grants from donors or bilateral and multilateral donor agencies.

The Increasing Market Employability Programme (IME) would like to remind businesses from the three target sectors: adventure tourism, sustainable agribusiness, and information and communication technologies (ICT), that when applying for access to finance from financial/ nonfinancial institutions, can additionally consider using our Pay-for-Performance (P4P) instrument for the application process. The P4P instrument helps businesses to connect with individual consultants or consultancy companies and join forces in preparing the applications for access to funding. The technical support provided by the experienced consultants can ideally support businesses for a smoother and faster application process.

The P4P program is a user-pay system. Businesses are required to partially pay for the services of the consultant once the application for funding is approved, and IME covers the costs to certain limits. To use the P4P instrument, businesses need to utilize support by some of the consultants and consultancy companies that IME collaborates with – full list available HERE. We encourage businesses to reach out directly to the consultants and discuss possibilities for collaboration.

A more detailed overview of the type of businesses that can utilize the P4P instrument:

Sector Subsectors
Sustainable Agribusiness –     Companies that grow, collect, package fresh fruit and vegetables for domestic and export market.  This can include growers if they are directly exporting the Fruits and Vegetables (F&V)
–     Companies that process fruit and vegetables and produce wine for both export and domestic markets
–     Companies organizing collection, packaging and sales of fresh F&V
–     Companies organizing the collection, packaging and sales of organic F&V
Adventure Tourism –     Tour operators that provide tours for biking, hiking, paragliding, rockclimbing, winter sports, soft adventure tourism
–     General tour providers that provide tour packages that includes adventure tourism elements
–     Other tourism-related stakeholders (small businesses, hospitality providers) that provide a service in the adventure tourism sector
ICT –     Software developers that are outsource companies
–     Software developers for original product development
–     For-profit organizations that provide training support for ICT staff

For all additional information on how the P4P instrument works, please contact IME Business Services Lead, Tanja Gjeorgievska, at: