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Macedonian adventure tourism promoted for the first time on Lonely Planet 

The Republic of North Macedonia has been featured as a top active tourism destination on Lonely Planet, this being the first time that the country is presented with an individual video on this prestigious travel outlet. The video was prepared by the Increasing Market Employability Program – IME and the Agency for Tourism Promotion and Support – APPT, with the support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Support – SDC. The video is available on the following link:  Daydream During Covid – North Macedonia

IME and APPT, again with the support of SDC, have also prepared 10 promotional videos as part of the Doma si e doma (No Place like Home) campaign for promotion of local tourism. Each of these short promotional videos presents a separate destination in North Macedonia, along with ideas for adventure and active tourism activities, such as cycling, hiking, rock climbing etc., combined with gastronomy and culture. The aim of the Doma si e doma campaign is to incentivize domestic tourists to spend an active holiday while exploring different destinations within their country. This will contribute toward supporting local tourism stakeholders (tour operators, adventure service providers, accommodation and transport providers, restaurants etc.) and support to the local economy, as a direct response to the negative economic implications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The videos, along with short descriptions for each destination (in Macedonian), can be accessed through the following links:

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