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IME marks World Bicycle Day

The Swiss supported Increasing Market Employability Program – IME is marking the UN World Bicycle Day with an online initiative “Bicycle because…”. The aim of this initiative is to promote the biking community in North Macedonia – operators that offer biking tours, rent a (electric) bike services, cycling festivals, cycling associations etc., and to motivate the public to cycle by informing them on the benefits of this sport.

While fully respecting the covid-19 safety measures, we invited professionals and passionate cyclists to join this virtual initiative. We have received excellent examples from their previously organized tours along with messages on cycling benefits. We know that the bicycle is an eco-friendly and affordable means of transport. In addition, our country holds a huge potential for developing biking tourism as part of the adventure/active, eco and rural tourism. Several destinations across the country already have cycling trails in place, while few more are on the way to be developed. The Swiss supported IME Program is supporting the offer and promotion of the destinations with potential for adventure tourism. IME also offers support to local service providers to improve their offer for domestic and incoming tourists, including providers of cycling tours.